This powerful blend is amazing for adults with sleep disturbance, anxiety disorders, fears, phobias and mood swings of any kind. Also see our calm and soothe blend for kids under 12.

Inspired Calm & Soothe

10 Milliliters
  • Calm and Soothe Blend

    Ingredients: Lavender, Frankincense, Vetiver

    This product is for anyone who needs some support with difficulties sleeping, anxiety disorders, fears, phobias and mood swings.

    Both adults and children can benefit from this product (there is a milder formula for children under the age of 12)


    The calm and soothe blend is a simple blend of 3 powerful, tried and tested oils.

    Frankincense may assist with the emotions by calming and sedating the nervous system through compounds called aldehydes and esters. It has a musky, sweet aroma that is thought to ease anxiety.

    One of the most widely known oils, Lavender is famed for its soporific properties and its ability to aide a sleep routine. Lavender has been well studied for its anxiolytic, or anxiety relieving, effects. Studies show inhaled lavender may reduce anxiety. Some studies suggest lavender may work as effectively as anti-anxiety medications to improve anxiety in some instances. Scientists have found similar types of results for lavender’s effectiveness in treating depression. Lavender used in aromatherapy may improve mild-to-moderate depression.

    Vetiver maintains nerve health and can support healing the damage done to nerves from shock, fear, and stress. Thus, it is helpful for nervous and neurotic disorders of all kinds. As a calmative, it acts as a sedative that is effective at reducing anxiety, anger, restlessness, nervousness, insomnia, shock, fear, high levels of stress, and panic. Vetiver can cool hot flashes and tame the mood swings associated with
    menopause and PMS.